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Tyre supply and service Brisbane CBD

Fleet Tyre is a locally operated business started by a family that is firmly rooted in this community. Our tyre fitment and supply centre are based in S.E. Queensland, but we offer mobile services to several regions around us. We aim to give you expertise that you simply cannot find anywhere else, and it doesn’t matter what help you need, we’ve got it all covered. Thanks to our experience in the sector of perfect tyre solutions we know how to differentiate between clients that need truck fleet tyre solutions versus those that need assistance in planning for an off-road trip and the tyres required for that. This is one of many things that makes us stand out as a serviced provider in this region and you’ll be sure to benefit from this level of servicing in more ways than one. 

One-stop-shop tyre solutions in Brisbane CBD

Fleet Tyre Services is a premium tyre supplier that gives you multi-brand, multi-product capabilities that can be applied across sectors. Not only do we supply the tyres, but we also do the important work of fitting them. You can get it done all in one place. We have some standard procedures that help to protect your form baseline concerns and then we can explore a world of premium tyre support if that is what you are after. The team at Fleet Tyre is not complacent and we won’t relax until we provide a solution that is built to last because we do not want your investment in us to go to waste. That is why we ensure every member of our team is highly trained and knowledgeable to help you at all times. This is even the case with our 24-hour breakdown support team.

We will protect you from tyre wear and tears

Unfortunately, you cannot always prevent your earthmoving vehicles from normal tread wear results because they will occur no matter what. That’s because they develop from contact between the tyre and the road surface and as long as your vehicle is in motion, then wear will develop. There are several things you can do to protect yourself from accelerated rates of wear and tear and we’ll discuss some of them below…

Fleet Tyre Services is a full-service company that commits itself to provide quick solutions that last a long time. Whether you need a tyre replacement or something more complex like maintenance plans for your truck fleet, we have ample experience to help you. We’re not just installers, we are also full-service maintenance and fitment partners in Queensland.

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