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Our trusted partners in the Industrial sector need the same support as our truck fleet management clients. We want to help you take care of your tyres on these vehicles too. We won’t just assist you in taking an interest in the welfare of their tyres, to help in avoiding those costly repair bills, but also for the safety of other road users. There is a lot to consider including the importance of tyre pressure and much more but the most important element of your industrial needs, are your personal needs for a professional to assist you. Call us for a detailed consultation tyre care plan and we can implement this advice into your regular tyre care routine, and you’ll become a driving safety superstar in no time at all. With the dedicated Queensland team here with us, you will have ample access to everything mentioned here and more.

What to know before buying new tyres?

Investing in a new set of tyres for your fleet, especially for industrial needs, is one of the most important decisions you can make for your vehicle. The tyre may be one of the most critical points of contact between your industrial vehicle and the surfaces they drive on. The tyre is what protects you in the most comprehensive way possible and we’re here to help. A simple tyre plays a serious role in the vehicle’s grip, rolling resistance, wear and the needed maintenance because it all makes a significant impact on overall handling and performance. All it takes is fitting the right tyre to the right wheel. And we have what it takes to identify the correct tyre size, plus the load index and the speed rating. 

Industrial tyre needs are highly unique to the sector needs and the work typically performed there. We may have to take extra time to understand what your unique work requirements are in order for us to make informed decisions to enhance your vehicle usage. Fleet Tyre Services is an expert in helping our industrial partners to advance their fleet management requirements and we can provide a wide range, of multi-vehicle assistance.

Choose us for your Queensland fleet management

We’re proud to be working in the business of advancing Queensland’s fleet sector requirements and goals. Fleet Tyre Services will deliver a turnkey fleet service offering because our ultimate goal is to keep your business moving with a custom-built package that maximises your fleet performance within the budget available to you. You can rely on us for all of the following and much more…


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No one offers tyre precision fitment services as we do. We take the extra time and care to give you solutions that are best suited for your needs with the latest equipment and technology.


Premium customer support

Our team of highly trained experts are here to help you find the perfect solution for your industrial tyre needs. We have all the knowledge and skills needed, and even beyond that, to assist you to your complete satisfaction.

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