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Tyres plays a critical role in protecting your agricultural vehicles from the surfaces they will typically drive on. To some degree, the perfect vehicle Fleet Tyre solution will help you in advancing vehicle acceleration, braking and steering inputs to the road surface. There’s a lot that goes into the selection of the perfect tyre and the components that should come with it to shape its performance and determines its life span. It’s important that you also rely on high-quality tyre suppliers to keep you in a good range of longevity. All of our own internal expertise has been tried and tested to intense measures before we deliver them to you. Your tyres are still likely to age, and, in some cases, some natural, physical processes will, over time, bring about irreversible changes in the material properties of a tyre. There is a lot that we can’t control but there is also a lot that we can! Give us a call and we can discuss the pioneering technologies and services for sustainable tyre solutions that we have here at Fleet Tyre Services. 

Australia’s agricultural sector is highly important for the advancement of society but also for the invested stakeholders that need the wheels to keep rolling. Fleet Tyre Services is an expert in rolling wheels, and we can assist our major agricultural vehicle partners in finding the perfect tyres to fast-track that. All it takes is our special tough and unique approach to each client’s needs and you will keep those wheels rolling in a sustainable, affordable, and long-lasting way.

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We’re proud to be working in the business of advancing Queensland’s fleet sector requirements and goals. Fleet Tyre Services will deliver a turnkey fleet service offering because our ultimate goal is to keep your business moving with a custom-built package that maximises your fleet performance within the budget available to you. All Fleet Tyre Services partners will enjoy many of our specialist services that consistently keep your fleet moving and make money for your business. Our tyre fitment skills are some of the bests in this region and it’ll show in how your fleet operates. 


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We are determined to give our clients a completely hassle-free experience and it will show in how accommodating we are. From the initial consultation to the moment, you need our emergency response team, you will always be received, and assisted, by a friendly and understanding technician.


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We aim to keep you fully informed, at all stages, about pricing and what can be done to meet your spending targets. When we establish custom supply and service needs, there will be full transparency to help you track your spending against your targets.



Fleet-friendly mileage products that deliver extensive savings on unexpected tyre damage. We insist on the supply and purchase of credible and long-lasting products to ensure that your fleet is able to withstand tough environments and deliver on your goals.

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