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Car & 4WD tyres Queensland

When it comes to adventure, we’re more than just enthusiasts. We’re also passionate about fitting adventure vehicles with the right tyres to assist them in exploring the best that Queensland has to offer. Speak to us to assist you in preparing for your next off-roading expedition. We’ll find the right tyres, fit them, and then provide ongoing support.  Fleet Tyre Services is a quality tyre supplier and that means we’ll go out of our way to recommend the best tyres whilst saving you money too. Our assistance in tyre products is sure to protect you from over-servicing and we’ll stay in line with your budget requirements. Let’s get into the needs of special vehicle tyre needs in Queensland

What are 4WD tyres?

Local Queensland enthusiasts who are planning a long trip or a drive on an off-trail trip with their car, truck or SUV could benefit from a quick trip to our shop. The right tyres will play a role in how your big trip goes and we can help you find the right ones for unique challenges. They need extensive grip capability to navigate the roads and have additional puncture resistance. Fleet Tyre Services can help set you up with a good set of off-road tyres that will have specially designed tread patterns, and the grooves between the tread blocks will be broader. Choose us and we can find you 4WD tyres that can easily compete on any landscape and navigate any environment. Even users of a typical car can benefit from special tyres that provide your vehicle with less grip which is perfect for off-roading. However, even with this in mind,  you will still need specialist support to keep you where you want to be at all times.

Which off-road tyres are right for you?

For clients that need a vehicle able to frequently switch between irregular terrain and regular road, they will need specialised tyre care and support. Even average drivers will have to veer off into country road at one stage or another.

Choose us for your Queensland fleet management

We’re proud to be working in the business of advancing Queensland’s fleet sector requirements and goals. Fleet Tyre Services will deliver a turnkey fleet service offering because our ultimate goal is to keep your business moving with a custom-built package that maximises your fleet performance within the budget available to you.

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One-stop fitment services

Fleet Tyre Services is a premium tyre supplier that gives you multi-brand, multi-product capabilities that can be applied across sectors. Not only do we supply the tyres, but we also do the important work of fitting it. You can get it done all in one place.

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Affordable prices on brands and product

You’re welcome to give us a call to compare prices and we’re determined to bring our customers great savings on all our products, brands, and fitment services. We’ll endeavour to meet all of our customers' requirements and aim to fit the budget through our comprehensive offering.

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