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Fleet Tyres QLD – The original and still the best!

We’re proud to be working in the business of advancing Queensland’s fleet sector requirements and goals and we’ve done so for many years. Our local clients have always been able to rely on us for traditional truck tyre maintenance but we’re also disrupting the traditional tyre retailing model with our mobile truck tyre service work. Fleet Tyres QLD is a truck tyre business that has evolved beyond the typical services our clients need from us. We’re still offering that original touch with a flair of modern service sophistication. Although tyres save your life daily, their welfare is often overlooked and we’re here to remind you that maintenance is mandatory. Simple, routine maintenance, such as checking air pressures and looking for sidewall bulges is a dirty business, but we’ve always been ready to do it. Keep reading and we’ll let you in on a couple of company insights and why we’re still the best.

Fleet Tyres QLD at the beginning….

At the establishment of this business, we figured that there had to be a better way to provide fleet tyre management works in Queensland. We spotted a gap in the market and saw that there was a need for mobile truck tyre support. Backed by our passion for truck tyre repairs, we bought a couple of vans and assembled a team of experts to service trucks anywhere, anytime. With us, you can just give us a call and we’ll come to you to repair or fit new tyres and remove the old ones. This cutting-edge service is still backed by traditional tyre expertise and training. Our fitting services are improved by our access to mainstream tyre suppliers. 

This ensures that we are able to give our clients the widest range of options. Having only started with a couple of vans, we quickly saw locals intrigued by our business model and they saw potential in us. Now our fleet of service experts is much larger and much more capable but still rooted in those humble beginnings. We made a name for ourselves in Queensland because we have taken a very different approach with our offer to our customers. Customer services come first and that means we employ a team of tyre industry experts that are trained to deliver the highest quality service in this region. You can trust us for vans that are clean, overalls that are smart and van operators that take extra care when working on your vehicle. 

How far we’ve come since then…

We have invested so much in improving the quality of our services and that’s how we’ve solidified our place as the best in Queensland. This includes significant improvements in the equipment we use including state-of-the-art tyre testing systems. These systems can show our customers how worn their tyres are and then we can offer personable advice towards rectifying this. All of our systems have been improved to ensure that we can keep improving on the level of expertise you expect from us. 

How we can improve your truck fleet performance

We know that our clients and ongoing partners have to traverse hundreds of thousands of kilometres, and we plan to keep them doing that which specialist tyre fit-out and maintenance for every truck. We have already attracted the interest of several national fleets and they only have positive reviews of our service. Not many service providers, like ours, are able to keep a close eye on their work vehicles’ tyres and we truly have a number of guarantees that are beneficial for your business. We make it our business to fully understand and keep track of the lifespan of your tyres and when it is time for a service. As our business develops, we will continue to offer services that advance with the industry’s needs.

Beyond repairs support

We’re here for you in more ways than one. You don’t only need to call on us for emergencies. We’re also here to provide truck tyre fleet maintenance when you need it. There are many ways to prolong the life of your truck tyres and our support is the best way to do so. You can find personalized truck tyre service approaches with us but the point is to ensure that you’re investing in some degree of maintenance. It all starts with installing the right tyres and with the team at Fleet Tyres Services you get the best tyre fitting, repair & maintenance services in S.E Queensland

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